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3.0 Natural Dark Brown 60ml

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INSIGHT permanent colour range, INCOLOR, is a high quality colour system, which guarantees intense colour shining and long lasting reflections.


PHYTOKERATIN - Strengthening, volumizing.

ORGANIC ARGAN OILS - Antioxidant, rich in vitamin E and fatty acids.

GRAPE SEED VEGETABLE - Restructuring, protective, regenerating


INColor delicately colours the hair, guaranteeing brilliant shades, whilst respecting and protecting the hair fibre. The formula has a low percentage of ammonia making application and processing pleasant for both the hairdresser and the salon clients. 

The formula has been enriched with vegetable Phytokeratin, which has a nourishing effect and with Organic Argan Oil and Grape Seed Butter which have antioxidant and protective properties, and leaves the hair soft and well nourished.

Exclusive colouring micro-pigments ensure stable and long-lasting results, total coverage of gray hair and lightening up to a maximum of 5 levels. INColor is available in 50 shades. Readily mixed, it does not drip and can be easily applied. Furthermore its delicate fragrance allows for a pleasant application.


  • Low ammonia content 
  • Conditioning and nourishing effect thanks to the ORGANIC ARGAN OIL contained and Grape Seed Butter, with antioxidant and protective properties , and enriched formula with vegetable Phytokeratin to protect the hair fibre
  • Colour formula pre-naturalized ( = containing the natural nuances ) that does not require the application of bases nuance to cover the grey hair
  • Hair system treating very high conditioning power, thanks to the active ingredients of natural origin 
  • Allergens free fragrance
  • 50 shades available 
  • Tube of 60 ml. 
  • Application Mixing ratio 1: 1.5 - Use: recommended with the activators 
  • Mixing ratio 1:1 to intensify coverage, and suggested in particularly in case of coarse hair , and in case of more than 50% grey hair. 
  • Processing time: approx 30/35 minutes, according to the colour intensity you wish to achieve 
  • Exclusive colouring micro-pigments ensure stable and long-lasting results; total coverage of grey hair 
  • Lightening power: up to 5 levels on natural hair 
  • Post-colour shampoo and post-colour mask are recommended after the colour or bleaching treatment. 


  • 100% coverage of gray hair 
  • Long-lasting colour results 
  • Nuance intense, deep, full 
  • Hair soft, nourished and restore


INColor is recommended to be used with its colour activator 

READ  the instructions and the warnings in the leaflet inside of the colour box. 

The colour is mixed with the developer diluted to a ratio of 1 part colour to 1.5 part developer. (Super lighteners 1 + 2) Developers at 20, 30, 40 can be used. Before using INColor do not wash the hair but brush well, removing any traces of hairspray and fixers. Use a non-metallic bowl. Processing time approx 30/35minutes, according to the colour you wish to achieve, hair type and volume of developer used.

Gently lather the colour mix into the hair, wait a few moments and then rinse thoroughly. Shampoo and style as usual. Always use scales or a measuring cup in order to obtain the correct quantity, pouring it in small amounts until the fluid is thoroughly amalgamated. The final mixture should be thick but soft.

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