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About Us

M & R Ventures Ltd - Hair Care & Cosmetics

M & R Ventures’ Mission Statement

M & R Ventures Ltd "Our mission is working in partnership with leading and trusted hair care brands and manufacturers all over the world, to deliver real hair solutions to real hair problems."

Who We Are

M & R Ventures works with other leading researchers and manufacturers to bring you real hair solutions to real hair problems – from dull, washed out hair to hair loss.

Based in the UK and acting as an exclusive distributor for exciting, high quality hair products, we make it easy to find your new favourite products. Having built up an extensive, professional network we supply to awarding winning salons, professional wholesalers, retailers and directly to end users through our online store.

Our contacts across the world means we support brands with product launches and research, identifying demand and acting as a delivery channel between brands and consumers.

Our vision: Bringing you real results

M & R Ventures’ vision is to supply high quality, innovative and healthy hair care products like you have never seen. We want to bring real results and pleasure to customers, whatever their hair needs.

After many years of dealing with chemically infused hair care products, M & R Venture’s vision is to source the most healthy, chemical free, innovative and high-quality hair products across the world, delivering them directly to you. Our commitment to bringing you products that guarantee real results means we scout the markets to find the next big brand and established products that have already built up a reputation for healthy hair result. We aim to become the go to destination for a truly natural, organic and professional, high-quality hair products that meet all your customer needs.

Our team: Backed by industry experience

Backed by years of industry experience, our founder, Michael Agyapong and core team know just which hair products will appeal to you.

Our management team and directors have over 20 years of sector insights combined with knowledge of sales, distribution, and operations management. It means we know what will make a hair care brand a success so we’ll spot the next big innovation and bring it straight to you.

Michael Agyapong, sales and distribution director has been at the forefront of establishing high profile hair care brands for over 15 years. Working with the likes of Keracare, Affirm, Organic Roots Simulator, Talia Waajid, Jane Carter, and Design Essentials in the Afro cosmetics sector, and in recent years Hairfinity, Insight Professional and Angel En Provence, we’ve got an in-depth knowledge of how to successfully work in partnership with brands to take their products to eager customers across the UK.

Our achievements: Meeting your standards

At M & R Ventures we know how important getting your hands on the best brands and latest technology is. That’s why we work in partnership with leading hair care companies to bring you the latest products, leaving your client’s hair healthy, luxurious, and shiny.

Among our achievements are:

  • Launching and securing exclusive UK distribution rights for the groundbreaking, luxury and innovative Angel En Provence organic hair care range and Black Angel series for men in 2017.
  • Being a sales channel for prestigious make up brand IMAN Cosmetics in the UK
  • Pioneered the launch and distribution of the Insight Professional hair care range, championing natural ingredients and organic extracts in 2015
  • Collaborating and being the driving force behind the success of the Hairfinity hair growth supplement in the UK, in 2012 when the concept of supplements for hair growth was alien in the market.
  • Michael Agyapong was also at the forefront of many leading Afro cosmetic brands for over 12 years - Keracare, Affirm, Design Essentials, and Africare Organic Roots Stimulator, to name a few.

Whether you’re a customer wanting to achieve envious hair or an independent salon, nation-wide chain of salons, you know you can rely on M & R Ventures to bring you the latest innovations in haircare. And for manufacturers of innovative hair care brands looking to break into the UK market, you can leverage our contacts, expertise and channels of distribution.

Thank you for visiting our store and we look forward to serving you.