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Africa Finest Raw Shea Butter Chunks 400 g

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Raw Shea Butter Chunks 400 g
Yellow Raw Shea Butter Chunks 400 g
Ivory Raw Shea Butter Chunks 400 g

Pure shea butter from Ghana has high levels of Vitamin A, Vitamin E and cinnamic acid. It's beneficial in treating irritated skin, sensitive or not.

Shea butter is great for sensitive skin, If you have sensitive skin, consider ditching the fancy lotions and potions which may be making your skin even more irritated and reach for shea butter instead.

High grade organic unrefined shea butter from Ghana is the most raw natural way to moisturise the skin and hair.

Unrefined shea butter eases inflation, If you struggle with chronic skin conditions like eczema, rosacea, and psoriasis, the fatty acids in shea butter will help ease inflammation. “Shea butter slows the production of inflammatory cells that contribute to irritation and skin conditions,” Dr. Axe says.
Shea butter helps make you look younger. The vitamin A and E in shea butter can do more than soothe skin. They can also make you appear more youthful, and who doesn’t want that? “Shea butter also helps promote cell regeneration, which can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles,” Dr. Batra says.

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