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Cutting Your Hair at Home in Lockdown

Posted by M&R Ventures on 4/1/2020
Cutting Your Hair at Home in Lockdown

The world is on lockdown, what will we do about our hair?

Making it to the salon for a quick tidy up is not an option right now. Many men have responded by shaving their heads entirely. This is definitely one way to go about things, but won't be for everyone.

Although no one will expect you to maintain your hair to it's usual standards, a small trim can really help keep your hair in good health, removing split ends for example, which can end up travelling up the hair shaft. 

Although cutting your own hair might be a nerve racking experience, let's face it, we won't have any big nights out, or events in which it will be scrutinised anyway.

It's recommended that you normally leave hair cutting to the professionals, but these are trying times. 

So, after your hair is washed and towel dried, section your hair first, from front to back, and then split your sections into two new sections - the split needs to be from ear to ear.

It's much simpler to manage a small bit of hair. Cut in clean lines, and cut the same amount on each side.

Start from the bottom, and repeat until you get to the top of your head.

Then divide the front into two new sections each.

Recommended, trim one to two centimetres of hair. Ensuring split ends are removed and your hair looks clean and fresh.

For fringes, make sure you blow dry it first in the way you wish to go.

Cut your fringe only on dry hair, otherwise it will bounce back and look even shorter.

Regarding tools its best to use the thinnest scissor you can find, so you can control the amount of hair cut.

Act as though you are in the salon, style your hair after the cut, and do a final check. If its not all connected, make adjustments needed. 

Whether you're locked down or not, no one wants a wonky hair do.

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