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Uplift and revitalise your skin with our Papaya Foaming Wash, a multi-tasking foaming formula packed with minerals, vitamins and high-performance ingredients to refresh and refine skin. 

Counteracting dullness, dryness and uneven skin tone and texture, Papaya Foaming Wash is specially formulated to grip oils, dirt and debris and loosen and slough away dead, dulling cells to reveal a beautifully balanced, even radiance skin beneath. 

An energising blend of natural antioxidants and vitamins work in synergy with our star enzymatic Papaya ingredient to harnesses the naturally mild enzymes to gently break down the protein bonds that attach dead skin cells to the upper layers of the skin, cleansing the skin without stripping the skin of its natural moisture content for a smoother, vibrant and more refined complexion.

Key Benefits

- Accelerates cell turnover  

- Brighten skin tone  

- Improves skin luminosity and hydration for a soft, radiant appearance.  

- Increased smoothness by expediting cell turnover rates.  

- Purifies skin without uncomfortable dry, taut feeling.  

- Protects the skin against cell damage caused by sun damage  

- Visibly illuminates dull dry skin tone

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