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Transform your skin from dull and dry to dewy and radiant with our skin loving Pineapple Foaming Wash, designed to boost the skins luminosity, smoothness and overall even tone and texture. 

The powerful foaming cleanser contains Pineapple, one of the most potent forms of natural vitamin C, stimulates circulation and boost cell renewal to combats acne scars, dark spots, and hyper-pigmentation leaving the skin hydrated and even after every wash. Meanwhile, the natural Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) and Bromelain enzymes from Pineapple gently exfoliate the skin, help loosen dead skin cells, decongest pores, and smooth surface texture. Together with Glycerin to draw in moisture and our blend of natural surfactants work in harmony to reduce the appearance of redness caused by breakouts and sensitivity, imparting an optimal glow.

Key Benefits

- Brightens and evens out skin tone 

- Decreases inflammation and unclogs pores 

- Delivers both moisture and firmness through antioxidants rich in vitamins C and E  

- Restores radiance to dull complexions 

- Removes impurities and environmental pollutants 

- Stimulates the skin cells and restore the weaker layers of the epidermis. 

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