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Gently cleanse your skin with our conditioning and vitamin-rich Watermelon Foaming Wash, a naturally foaming face wash that effectively cleanses skin and pores while retaining the skin's moisture. 

The airy foam cleanser is suitable for all skin types, though blemish-prone and sensitive complexions in particular, combining a synergy of antioxidants penetrates into every pore to decongest the skin without leaving behind that terrible tight, dry feeling once you pat your face dry. Formulated with anti-inflammatory Watermelon to combat free radical damage, hydrating Glycerin to replenish lost moisture and natural surfactants to promote elasticity, and increases cell renewal. 

Together, the ingredients in our Watermelon wash offers antioxidant protection, antibacterial properties, and anti-inflammatory benefits to combat sensitivity and redness, leaving your skin feeling refreshed, refined, and hydrated every single time.

Key Benefits

- Delivers skin multivitamins – Vitamin A and C for a naturally healthy skin. 

- Diffuses redness and stressed out skin. 

- Doesn't strip away your skin's natural oils but will help curb breakouts and blackheads. 

- Enhances the skins elasticity and locks in moisture 

- Reduces dryness 

- Reinforces and strengthens the skin’s surface 

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