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Tips To Improve Your Spring Hair Care Routine

Posted by M&R Ventures on 4/24/2022
Tips To Improve Your Spring Hair Care Routine

Spring is the season that adds new life and beauty to everything around us. It must also transform how to nourish the hair. Just as your spring wardrobe is ready, you should improve your hair care routine too.

Even though the cold and dry air have finally ended, warmer temperatures can damage the hair if you’re not prepared.
According to hairstylists, you need a different hair care routine depending on the season, especially if you experience the seasons thoroughly. Here are five practical tips to improve your spring hair care routine.

1. Use The Right Shampoo

As the new season begins, it’s crucial to choose the right shampoo for your hair type. If your hair is dry, prefer a gentle and neutral cleanser such as ANGEL PROFESSIONAL Marine Depth Spa Shampoo.
Neutral shampoos keep the hair and scalp healthy as they don’t remove the natural hair oils. These cleansers make color-treated hair last longer and nourish dry-chemically processed hair.

Remember, the best hair care products are free of harmful ingredients.


2. Cut The Hair

There is no better practice to transform your hair for spring than cutting your hair. Spring is the perfect occasion to trim those damaged ends. Slightly cutting your hair can make you feel younger, radiant, and ready to prepare for the hotter months.

3. Protect The Hair

Spring is the perfect time to attend pool parties and enjoy a day in the ocean. After selecting your favorite swimsuit, make sure to have excellent hair care products to protect the hair from salt and chlorine water.

We recommend using leave-in conditioners or serums like ANGEL PROFESSIONAL Nourishing Cream Leave-In to stop the hair from damaging. Hydrating treatments are terrific for preventing your hair from drying out or turning green.

To achieve the perfect look, apply ANGEL Morocco Color Protect Silky Oil. This hair treatment is free of harmful ingredients, and it’s excellent for repairing dry or damaged hair caused by hair colouring and chemical treatments.  

4. Conditioner

As the hot weather approaches, it becomes vital to use an extra-hydrating conditioner. Conditioners are must-have hair products as they shield hair cuticles protecting the hair from the inside out. When your hair cuticles are sealed, it’s harder for the hair to break or
split apart.

Regularly apply deep conditioning products like ANGEL PROFESSIONAL Marine Depth Spa Conditioner. This conditioner is highly recommended for those people with dry, neutral hair.

5. Control The Frizz

Spring is an inspiring season, but as the weather gets hotter, humidity can cause your hair to become frizzy and unmanageable. That’s why it’s important to follow a hair care routine for frizzy, curly hair.
Use a hair cream such as ANGEL PROVENCE Elastic Volume Cream to style your hair strands and stop frizz. It is enriched with nutrients and amino acids to give the hair a flawless style that can last up to 24 hours.

Finally, if you have colour or chemical-treated hair, we recommend applying ANGEL PROVENCE Morocco Color Protected Silky Hair to provide protein and nourishment to the hair.

4 Hairstyles To Wear In Spring

Posted by M&R Ventures on 4/3/2022
4 Hairstyles To Wear In Spring

4 Hairstyles To Wear In Spring

Spring is here and is a pleasant reminder of how exciting change can be. As the temperature increases and flowers start to bloom, we feel excited about all the possibilities this season will bring. But what is even more thrilling in the spring is the newest hairstyles!

It's impossible not to look forward to the latest beauty trends. We are eager to see what hairstyles springtime offers so that we can try them out. Here are the best hairstyles to wear in spring.

1. French Twist

We all love the sensation of the hair flowing free but pulling the hair away from the face and neck is a huge relief, especially as the hot weather sets in. 

Tight bun hairstyles can put tension on the hair; we recommend wearing loose buns. It's also an excellent idea to use a hair mask to restore hair health, such as INSIGHT Damaged Hair Restruturizing Mask

For spring 2022, the French Twist is back!

The French Twist makes you look sophisticated, elegant, and convenient for every occasion. This hairstyle is very trendy among influencers, and it is easy to see why. It's suitable for thick, curly, or fine hair. 

Remember, for optimal results, straighten your hair ends before styling it. 

2. Flip Ends

The '90s are back with this fantastic hairstyle. This classic look is prevalent among celebrities like Ariana Grande, Millie Bobby Brown, Kim Kardashian, and JLo. Fortunately, it's easy to achieve it. You'll need hairspray, flat iron, and a blow dryer. 

Use ANGEL Setting Spray to protect the hair from the heat. Always use a flat iron to straighten hair before flipping the ends. 

Finally, you can reverse the ends toward the face whenever you want to change your look. 


3. Braid

Spring is where everything is reborn, and that's why you need a hairstyle that screams transformation. Long braids are excellent for looking like a princess while keeping the hair away from the face. 

We loved braids because they're versatile, and you can make them your own depending on the occasion. It's easy to go from elegant to a more comfy look when you wear this hairstyle. 

Make sure to add fabulous clips whenever you want your braid to look sophisticated. 

4. Bobs

The bob is the perfect hairstyle for this season. We recommend combining it with bangs. It is excellent for people with oval and oblong faces. The best age group is over 35 since it's a youthful style. 

Ask your hairstylist to make the bob more stylish by colouring your hair. Some of the best spring 2022 hair colours are:

  • Golden brunette

  • Candy colours 

  • Bright blond

To achieve the perfect look, apply ANGEL Morocco Color Protect Silky Oil. This hair treatment is free of harmful ingredients, and it's excellent for repairing dry or damaged hair caused by hair colouring and chemical treatments.  

Get Ready for Spring!

Now that these four beautiful hairstyles inspire you, it's time to decide which one you want. We recommend making an appointment with your preferred hairstylist and creating your renovation look. 

Let's us know which one you like the most!

SUMMER HAIR CARE - Angel En Provence

Posted by M & R Ventures on 7/1/2021
SUMMER HAIR CARE - Angel En Provence


It’s all about taking our hair to new heights this summer, protecting our tresses against the unforgiving heat that can leave our strands dry, brittle and damaged. After a winter which was spent mainly indoors, we want to make the most of the gorgeous summer weather without our hair suffering from the suns harmful rays. It is well known that exposure to UV radiation damages the hairs fibre. Dryness, reduced strength, loss of colour, stiffness and brittleness of hair are caused by sun exposure.

No matter what your hair type or colour, we’ve formulated a range of products suited to heal and feed the hair in the driest of months.

We have formulated, Orange Flower Shining Color Shampoo + Conditioner, a mild shampoo, professionally designed for coloured hair. Containing orange flower oil and pelargonium graveolens extract to form a protective membrane to lock in colour, this leaves the hair shining and vivacious. Specially blended proteins strengthen hair from within, while the naturally extracted sunscreen factor protects hair colour from fading caused by UV rays.

Our Morocco Color Protect Silky Oil is the perfect post sun exposure treatment for any type of hair. Enriched with morocco oil, orange flower oil, water soluble protein, rosemary and other micro-molecule plant essential oil, to supplement refining protein to hair while deeply repairing dry or damaged hair caused by colouring and chemical treatment. Leaves hair vibrant and elastic, this is amazing on dry, damaged, or frequently coloured hair.

For those enjoying a balmy evening out, we’ve created Orange Flower Finishing Spray with ultra firm hold to keep your look lasting for the long night ahead. It contains precious bitter orange flower oil to help fight against UV rays, and maintains hair colour at its peak.

Most Common Causes of Hair Loss (Including Stress) & How To Treat Them

Posted by M&R Ventures on 3/24/2020
Most Common Causes of Hair Loss (Including Stress) & How To Treat Them

There are many reasons why one might experience hair loss, hormones, vitamin deficiencies, stress, and more stress (covid19 pandemics and lockdowns). We talk more about why and what you can do.

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