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How To Take Advantage Of Autumn For Your Best Hair Ever!

Posted by on 10/28/2022
How To Take Advantage Of Autumn For Your Best Hair Ever!

Ahh, autumn. The season of change. No longer sweltering hot or freezing cold. The beautiful colours of the trees and the crispness in the air. It’s a double-edged sword for our hair though so it pays to take extra care.

Who doesn’t love dramatic color changes in the fall? But, unfortunately, seasonal hair changes can leave hair dry, brittle and damaged — never good. Don't let another day go by without switching up your hair care routine for this season! Make sure you're getting the most of all four seasons with some new hair care tips. 

  1. Keep Your Color Fresh

The sun isn't beating down on your tresses as much—but that doesn't mean you can skip on the colour care products. Whether you've gone back to brunette for the darker days and nights or you're rocking a copper hue this fall, it's important to preserve your colour. 

Coloured hair needs to be protected to keep it looking fresh and vibrant. We recommend using Angel en Provence Orange Flower Shining Shampoo and Conditioner  that's professionally designed for coloured hair. Containing orange flower oil and pelargonium graveolens extract to form a protective membrane to lock in color, this leaves the hair shining and vivacious.

  1. It's All About Moisture

Did you know that the texture of hair can change with the seasons? When temperatures drop and humidity rises, your hair can become dryer than usual. The combination of these factors means it's time to give your locks a little attention. Hair oils can be used to help fight frizz, tame flyaways, and keep your hair hydrated throughout the fall season. 

Our Morocco Color Protect Silky Oil is an invigorating hair oil that can be used daily to repair split ends, restore elasticity and luster, and protect against frizz. It helps maintain moisture balance in your hair, which is especially important during autumn when it's so dry outside. You can use this product on dry, damaged or frequently colored hair—it will leave your hair looking vibrant and elastic.

  1. Get Rid of the Dryness

Your hair will be dry and flaky, so you'll want to nourish it with hair masks, oils, and serums to keep the hair soft. Hair masks are also great for helping combat seasonal damage like split ends or frizziness caused by changing weather conditions. When you incorporate hair masks into your hair care routine, you will find that your hair will be softer, stronger and shinier.

Introducing an all-natural mask that is enriched with helichrysum, an ingredient that relieves dry scalp while rejuvenating and revitalizing damaged hair. Shea butter is added to condition and nourish each hair, leaving it looking vibrant and healthy. If you chemically treat your hair or use hot styling tools daily, the Angel En Provence Helichrysum Revitalizing Hair Mask was made for you!

  1. Change Your Bedding 

One of the easiest ways to keep your locks in top condition is by making sure you have the right pillowcase. Another way that fabrics and fibres can cause damage in the colder months is in bed. Upgrade your pillowcase to a silk one. Silk is a natural fibre that won’t dry out your hair and will actually help it retain moisture. 

Fabrics can cause static electricity and dry out your hair. This is why it’s so important to use natural hair products that don’t contain any harsh chemicals or synthetic ingredients. 

To sum up, now is the best time as any to invest in products that will help your hair maintain its health and vibrancy during these months. Now you're ready to show off those beautiful locks—these easy tips and techniques will have you shining all season long. So go ahead, spoil your hair this fall. You deserve it! 

4 Hairstyles for Autumn to Try Now!

Posted by M & R Ventures on 10/9/2022
4 Hairstyles for Autumn to Try Now!

Oh la la, it's a new season for hair.

There's a new season in the air, and it's time for you to get your hair ready for autumn. Autumn is a time for festivals and falling skies. It's also a great time of year to try something new with your hair—like one of these four chic hairstyles you can wear this season.

But with so many autumn hairstyles to choose from – from loose waves to luxurious up-dos to lavish braids – how do you know which one is right for you? 

1.) The Midi Flick

The 'Midi Flick' haircut is here just in time for the cooler weather. This haircut is super easy to maintain and looks great with a variety of hairstyles. You can wear your hair straight, wavy, or curly. You can also add highlights or lowlights to give yourself some extra flair! 

You can pop some Livening Hair Styling Mousse to immediately increase hair volume after use, and air-dry them, or throw in a claw clip and go! This look looks effortless no matter what stage of the day you're at.

2.) Flipped Fringe

Autumn is going to showcase your hair’s lifted side partings. If you're looking for something that's going to keep your hair looking fresh and voluminous all day, try the new “flipped-over fringe”.

For best results, let your hair dry in the middle first. We also recommend using volumizing products like a root lift spray or mousse before blow-drying. You can also apply an aerosol hairspray such as Angel en Provence Setting Hair Spray once you've styled for extra hold and volume.

3.) The Frame Cut

The weather is cooling down and sweaty hair on your face is a thing of the past! If you have wavy or curly hair, even better. A fringe can be an easy way to change up your look without having to think too hard about it. The frame is all about embracing one’s natural waves and cutting an irregular fringe that sits above the eyebrows and frames the face. 

Quick Tip: Ask your stylist to recommend the best “shape” for you!


 4.) Blunt Botticelli Bob 

The Blunt Botticelli Bob hairstyle is an easy way to change things up and make sure your locks are ready for the season. This hairstyle is great for round and square face shapes, as well as for anyone who wants to play around with their style. The front can be parted on the side or in the middle—it's super versatile! 

The key to this look is keeping your hair blunt and straight, allowing your natural waves or curls to be free and fluffy. A mist of Angel en Provence Finishing Spray can keep frizz under control without losing the airiness of the look. Add this spray to structure, and texture and fix the hairstyle perfectly. 


If you are ready for a change, this list has everything you need to kick off the new season in style. From short to long, straight to wavy, and every inch in between, there is bound to be a look on this list that inspires you. We’re confident that if you give any of these looks a try, the compliments will pour in and your friends will be angling for the secret to your amazing hair!

Let us know in the comments which one you love the most!

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