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This Is How To Get Gorgeous Natural Curls

Posted by M & R Ventures on 1/31/2023
This Is How To Get Gorgeous Natural Curls

We hear you. Your curls are the envy of all your friends, but there’s just one problem: they’re not defined enough. Are you ready to get the big, bouncy, defined curls that you’ve always dreamed of? 

Wish no more! We have simplified this method into three easy steps so you can get the hair of your dreams without all the fuss.


Step 1: 

Cleanse your hair with a sulfate-free shampoo. 

Forget the days of chemically-treated hair trauma! With our formulas, you can repair damaged hair while getting back to your natural curls. Our Rose Elastic Curl Shampoo is enriched with moisturizers and repairing nutrients that can effectively repair damaged hair after chemical treatment. Restores elasticity to enhance curl definition, keeps hair supple and bouncy with a natural ‘after use’ glow. The subtle fresh rose fragrance will surround you all day long.

Step 2: 

For normal hair, spread the conditioner all over, splitting your hair into sections. 

You’ve already taken the first step to curly girl-ing your hair, and now it’s time for the second. This step is all about deep conditioning, so make sure you work our Rose Elastic Curl Conditioner through your hair thoroughly. You can leave it in for 3-5 minutes for even better results! Then rinse out, and you’re done.

If you have a damaged, weak breaking curl, we recommend using a hair treatment.

You’ll notice that our Rose Nourishing Treatment Cream is different from the others in that it has a slightly richer feel to it. That’s because it contains moisturizers and repairing nutrients that can penetrate through your hair shaft, forming a nourishing layer around your hair. This will help repair damaged hair and keep it soft, supple, lustrous, and easy to manage. Use this treatment and leave it in for 15 to 20 minutes before rinsing. The best of all: It gives you a beautiful, glowing head of hair full of elasticity and shine!

Step 3: 

It’s time to add some volume to your curls. You’re ready to begin styling.

If your curls are on the drier side, or if you’re looking for a styling product that won’t weigh down your hair or make it stiff or crunchy, this is the one for you. Our Rose Elastic Volume Cream has rose extract enriched with vitamin C and keratin, which can promptly provide nutrients to permed hair, eliminating frizz, dryness, and tousle. It protects hair from hot styling tools and gives a comfortable touch—especially suitable for naturally curly hair or permed hair.

Dry your hair with a microfiber towel, then let it air dry. Rubbing can cause frizz, breakage, and damage. There are many options: scrunching with gel or mousse; air-drying into curls; braiding or twisting; bunning; or just leaving it down! 


A lot of curly girls find that the Curly Girl Method works for them. The more educated you are about your hair, the better you can care for it. Familiarizing yourself with different techniques, tools, and the right products can help take care of your curls and make them grow healthy and strong. Don’t forget to embrace your natural hair so you will look and feel more beautiful than ever before.

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