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SUMMER HAIR CARE - Angel En Provence

Posted by M & R Ventures on 7/1/2021
SUMMER HAIR CARE - Angel En Provence


It’s all about taking our hair to new heights this summer, protecting our tresses against the unforgiving heat that can leave our strands dry, brittle and damaged. After a winter which was spent mainly indoors, we want to make the most of the gorgeous summer weather without our hair suffering from the suns harmful rays. It is well known that exposure to UV radiation damages the hairs fibre. Dryness, reduced strength, loss of colour, stiffness and brittleness of hair are caused by sun exposure.

No matter what your hair type or colour, we’ve formulated a range of products suited to heal and feed the hair in the driest of months.

We have formulated, Orange Flower Shining Color Shampoo + Conditioner, a mild shampoo, professionally designed for coloured hair. Containing orange flower oil and pelargonium graveolens extract to form a protective membrane to lock in colour, this leaves the hair shining and vivacious. Specially blended proteins strengthen hair from within, while the naturally extracted sunscreen factor protects hair colour from fading caused by UV rays.

Our Morocco Color Protect Silky Oil is the perfect post sun exposure treatment for any type of hair. Enriched with morocco oil, orange flower oil, water soluble protein, rosemary and other micro-molecule plant essential oil, to supplement refining protein to hair while deeply repairing dry or damaged hair caused by colouring and chemical treatment. Leaves hair vibrant and elastic, this is amazing on dry, damaged, or frequently coloured hair.

For those enjoying a balmy evening out, we’ve created Orange Flower Finishing Spray with ultra firm hold to keep your look lasting for the long night ahead. It contains precious bitter orange flower oil to help fight against UV rays, and maintains hair colour at its peak.

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